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Shaarey Zedek Synagogue Front of Building


Our Mission 

Shaarey Zedek Synagogue is a centre for Conservative Judaism that welcomes the community to experience spiritual growth, continuing education and the enrichment of lifecycle events.



Our Legacy

The following circular was issued in 1889 [Adapted from original Yiddish posting].

Announcement to the whole Jewish Community
[“to our brethren the Children of Israel in general”]
It is known to every Jew that it is necessary that in this city there should be a proper synagogue, built for that purpose, which can be called a sanctuary [“bear the name of a small Temple”] and which will also be called a house of prayer for all Israel, the whole community, so that the Jews of Winnipeg will not be a laughingstock to the whole world. And now the right time has come, “a time to build,” because a man has been found who wants to provide a place and also build a synagogue following the design he will be given, with a long-term payment plan. So several Jews feel that now this matter can be accomplished very easily, so that a synagogue can be built for the Jews to pray in “before the Lord of All,” according to the laws of our holy Torah and the customs of our Sages of Blessed Memory throughout the diaspora of the Jewish people, without interference. But these several people cannot take on such an important task alone. So they urge every Jew whose heart is touched by the fear of God, to help out, with money or other useful assistance. “Do much, do little, it matters not, as long as one’s heart is turned to Heaven.” And every Jew is invited to come on Sunday, August 4th, ten o’clock AM, to Albert Hall, when a public meeting will be held, and other necessary things, intended for the good of the whole community, may be proposed. - On behalf of a committee, A. Benjamin, Winnipeg, August 2nd, 1889.
So the legacy began! Shaarey Zedek became the story of us, as a community. The dream to build a “proper synagogue” for the city flowered into so much more than our forefathers could have imagined. Shaarey Zedek was born out of the desire to establish Jewish Life in what was the middle of nowhere – a small prairie town established just over a decade before the shul's inception. People traveled far to create a new life in Canada, and those dreams continue to come true today. And what came from the dreams of those that made the long trek is a community of which we can all be proud.

Over the years, Shaarey Zedek members originated, nurtured and influenced Jewish and other charities, and social and educational institutions in Winnipeg and Manitoba. It is impossible to quantify the impact our forefathers had, and the generations that followed continue to have on this community. 

In its history, Congregation Shaarey Zedek has seen the construction of three synagogues, each building created with great care to serve the community and the needs of its time. The congregants, the many rabbis, presidents, board, committee members, and staff helped to shape an institution for the people, honouring tradition while adapting to make participation accessible and inclusion a priority. The Shaarey Zedek has and always will evolve to meet the needs of the congregation and the community. It’s a deeply rooted legacy to be grateful for and one that will continue for generations to come.

Fri, 21 June 2024 15 Sivan 5784