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Jewish marriage is not simply a secular legal partnership, but also a union sanctified by G-d. It is not, however, considered to be a religious service, but a ceremony with a binding legal contract that requires two witnesses. The ceremony itself is divided into two parts: the betrothal, called Kiddushin, and the actual wedding, known as Nessuin or sometimes called Chuppah, which means the wedding canopy.

The traditional Jewish wedding takes place under the Chuppah, which is symbolic of the couple's home, open on all sides. The groom is required to give his bride a ring, something of value, to show the binding nature of the contact. The Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) are chanted over a cup of wine. Then the ceremony concludes with the breaking of a glass as a reminder that even in our times of joy, we recall the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Following the Chuppah, the couple spends some time alone away from the guests in Yichud which gives them a chance to share a moment of intimacy before the festivities begin.

*Congregation Shaarey Zedek is happy to assist in the preparation of your wedding and our Rabbis are available to consult with you to go over the details of what you need to get started. The shul is equipped with superb catering services to make your celebration meaningful and festive.

As an Affirming congregation, Shaarey Zedek performs same sex marriages when both partners are of the Jewish faith.

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Estelle Raber 
Life Cycle Director

Thu, 20 June 2024 14 Sivan 5784